I hope this is a helpful summary of value-based care and how to creatively build with value top of mind. The post runs through the value-based care business model, the patient journey, the people who do the work and then the tools those people need to be effective.
I built a tool tool to ‘get people the information they need when they need it’. What did I learn?
This is a short set of lessons about managing your team, and most importantly - managing yourself.
The stories I read about apartment ownership were either crude financial analysis or clean NYT real estate fluff. My story is neither.
This post looks at how to build trust and grow the team from a chaotic 'no trust' environment to an impactful 'deep trust' team.
or…how it cost me $1,000,000 to sell startup shares on the secondary market.
A good ladder one used by your team and trusted by the org as a whole. How do you make sure your ladder has support?
This post outlines a responsible way for developers to get around the Shopify 100 variant limit, and to understand the tradeoffs enough to sell the feature to clients.
Finding smart, motivated people who work well together is virtually impossible. If Artsy has a secret sauce, it is how it hires. All else falls from the assumption that they have hired the best people who want to work together to achieve Artsy’s mission.
We all have stories, as engineers, of fixing some crazy thing at the last minute right before the demo goes up. We have all encountered situations where we needed to fix something that was our fault and we needed to fix it now.